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Buemi runs over Japanese spectator

7 June 2011 - Source
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Jesus, what did he do to deserve that?
SebB   Sebastien Buemi
I think he was a kamikaze, I did my best not to kill him though.
Ambrosia   Jerome d'Ambrosio
I heard about those kamikaze guys, are they the ones who make the fancy toilets?
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Be quiet Ambrosia, your ignorance knows no limits, unlike your driving which is limited in the extreme.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
It's not the first time he has hit someone, although to date they had a car to protect them.
sbstnvtl   Sebastian Vettel
It's funny that he is also called Sebastian, God must have given me all of his talent also.
wibbah   Mark Webber
Hey Seb, I believe Buemi is Sebastien with an "e"
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
I guess he didn't stand much of a chance in life if his parents could not even spell.
Kobayashi   Kamui Kobayashi
I will try to forgive you Buemi, and the offence you have committed against my countryman.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
I know the feeling Kamui, I have been trying to forgive him for being within a square mile of me every weekend for the last 2 years,
SebB   Sebastien Buemi
Thanks Kamui, but I'm not really sure what you are forgiving me for? I tried to save the guy.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
For not allowing him to finish the job?
jackie   Jackie Stewart
You should always remember to look out for jumping Japanese men when doing donuts in an enclosed space. It's lucky that you were wearing a knee proof helmet Sebastien or things could have been much worse.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Also look out if you're driving any kind of safety vehicle and Taki Inoue is anywhere nearby.

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