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Hamilton ends feud with Massa in Brazil

Hamilton visited Massa in the Ferrari motorhome after the Brazilian Grand Prix to put an end to their long-running feud, and said, "It was good to have a nice chat with Felipe after the race. I have great respect for him." Speaking later of the gesture, Massa commented, "I think it is nice of him to come here because it was never going to come from me because I did nothing wrong during the year."

29 Nov 2011 - Source
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Wow, it's like Ross and Rachel in Friends, except somehow I care even less.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
What do you mean Michael? This has got to be the greatest reconciliation between rivals in F1 since Taki Inoue and Max Papis at Footwork Hart.
hammy   Lewis Hamilton
No frickin' way Nando, you and me are the biggest rivalry. Me and you, Senna and Prost. Felipe's nothing like Prost.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
I dunno Hamilton, check out the drivers standings... I'm pretty sure Senna in your McLaren would've beaten Prost in my Ferrari.
hammy   Lewis Hamilton
Didn't you see my mega helmet in Brazil Nando? It wasn't just yellow, it was Senna's frickin' helmet!
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Christ, that's definitely my nomination for cringe of the year 2011. A fitting tribute to your great sense of tact... sorry, tack.
hammy   Lewis Hamilton
What the frick? It's a special occasion for me Nando, Brazil's my frickin' spiritual home.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Sorry, I didn't realise "spiritual" home took precedence over "actual" home. How about an occasion like Bruno Senna, Ayrton's nephew, at his home Grand Prix... in Brazil. Or Barrichello, who actually raced against Senna, driving his last race after 19 years in F1... and he's Brazilian. Or Massa, in his 100th race for Ferrari... and he's Brazilian.
massa   Felipe Massa
Thanks Fernando, nice to hear some positives from my team-mate for a change.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Oh, and I almost forgot, Massa equalling Didier Pironi's 1981 record of a complete season in a Ferrari without scoring a single podium. Special helmets and high fives all round.
MycLaren   Martin Whitmarsh
The McLaren group would like to express our pride in Lewis for his maturity in dealing with this matter and closing it in a timely manner.
Domenicali   Stefano Domenicali
It's good Felipe has one less problem, now we can bond even closer as our Ferrari family. The Ferrari family is forever, and also until contracts expire.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Fair dues Massa, I like your gracious response - "it was never going to come from me because I did nothing wrong during the year." Maybe you did actually learn something from me in '06.
massa   Felipe Massa
It wasn't my fault man, nothing was my fault. That guy's driving like a crazy man all year. How many times, huh? How many times?
hammy   Lewis Hamilton
That's not what the frickin' stewards said in India Felipe, they gave you the penalty. I forgive you dude and it's totally over, but now you're just being ridiculously frickin' stupid.
massa   Felipe Massa
Oh, so now you agree with the stewards' decisions Lewis? You're friends with that Herbert guy aren't you, he screwed me in India.
johnny   Johnny Herbert
Here's Johnny! You pimple-nosed brats couldn't understand an FIA regulation even if you actually learned to read. In my day there was none of that drive-through rubbish - a good 10 second stop-go, 15 lashes and a water-boarding sorted us out good and proper.

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