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Rosberg names Webber as toughest teammate ahead of Schumacher

Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg has named Mark Webber as the toughest teammate he has encountered in F1. Having been paired with legend and fellow German Michael Schumacher for the past two seasons, his surprise reply when asked was: "Mark Webber in 2006, then Michael." Looking forward to 2012 he commented, "to be the first German to win in the new Silver Arrow would be an absolute dream for me."

27 February 2012 - Source
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Ah yes Britney, your classic 2006 season, remind me, how many times did you get in the points that year?
nico   Nico Rosberg
It was a very challenging season in a difficult Williams car Michael, and I managed two points finishes for a total of four points.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
I think I only won 7 races in 2006, coincidentally the same as the number of points your "toughest" teammate Webber got that year. Ease up on the hairspray Britney, it seems to be affecting your perspective.
nico   Nico Rosberg
I think my record over the past couple of seasons speaks for itself Michael.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
A criminal record would be preferable to your F1 record. One other thing Britney, when was the last time you won a race? And I'll be generous, let's say any category.
nico   Nico Rosberg
That would have been in GP2 in 2005 Michael.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Interesting, I sat on my arse for three years and I've won more recently than that. By the way, I'm working on a special Silver Arrow for you to sit on at the next photoshoot.
FastEddie   Eddie Irvine
I guess it goes without saying that Fast Eddie was your toughest teammate Mikey.
johnny   Johnny Herbert
Here's Johnny, no way you brillo-headed twat, the sight of my devastatingly blond but hard-as-nails noggin is still enough to give Schumacher quivers.
rubens   Rubens Barrichello
Michael is never going to name me but we all know that even though I was a nice guy, I was such a tough teammate that Michael had a special contract to deal with me.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Ah yes, Eddie Catweasel, Johnny Retirement, and Rubens Wetwipe. Using my inverse rating system for former teammates in relation to how steamingly shit they were, congrats, you three made the podium. By the way Rubens, that "special contract" I had drawn up for you in Italy is still active.
hammy   Lewis Hamilton
Since Nando and I have so much respect for each other now, I'm going to say he was totally my toughest teammate, I know he feels the same way about me after our 2007 season.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
I think I had more respect for Tarso Marques than you Hamilton. My mistake was not going a lot earlier to Ron with my laptop in '07. Let me see, former teammates, Hamilton, Trulli, Fisichella, Massa.....
massa   Felipe Massa
What the hell Fernando, I'm your current teammate.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Just practising Massa, given the writing is well and truly on the wall. Speaking of being well and truly on the wall, the one who caused me most grief was probably little Piquet.
innocent   Nelson Piquet Jr.
Thank you Fernando, after all the criticism I've endured it is a relief to finally hear some positive feedback.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Maybe you misunderstood, I meant grief as in boring FIA inquiries. As regards your driving, clattering into walls was clearly your speciality, so you've definitely found your true calling in NASCAR.
innocent   Nelson Piquet Jr.
I was acting on instructions Fernando, and although you were cleared by the inquiry it's a bit strange that somebody of your experience and stature did not question the extraordinarily early timing of your pitstop.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
It did strike me as being a little funny at the time. In fact, I still have a good laugh about it whenever I'm shining my winner's trophy.
flavio   Flavio Briatore
Is no funny for Flavio, I find you little Piquet, I find you and you pay for Flavio, capiche!

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