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Webber wins in Monaco to become 6th winner in first 6 races

Mark Webber drove to his second Monaco GP win in three years, and in doing so set a record in becoming the sixth different winner in six races so far in 2012. With the usual gaggle of celebrities watching on, Webber cooly managed a late scare as light rain began to fall on the circuit. The Aussie kept his composure to take joint second in the championship with his teammate Vettel, three points behind leader Alonso.

29 May 2012 - Source
wibbah   Mark Webber
Stick another shrimp on the barbie! How's that for Aussie Grit?
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Aussie Git?...oh right, now I get it. Let me guess what happened after the race Webber. You went to the Red Bull barge and in another wild moment of spontaneity you did a back-flip into the pool, followed in turn by all those other crazy Red Bull party animals.
wibbah   Mark Webber
It was a ripper of a backflip Fernando matey, totally stoked to give the team a boost, not bad for a number two eh?
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Yep, number two in the championship, to me. My season-long exercise in damage limitation until our car gets better is working a treat.
Horner   Christian Horner
Monaco was a damage limitation exercise for us also Fernando. While we are desperately disappointed to be off the podium again, we can take some comfort in Seb's extraordinary performance to get fourth place, particularly his first stint which briefly allowed us that special feeling of leading at Monaco
wibbah   Mark Webber
Er...Christian mate...
Horner   Christian Horner
Not now Mark. Seb really did a remarkable job after a disastrous qualy that left us on the fifth row. Suffice to say the traditional impromptu Red Bull pool party was a rather muted affair this year Fernando. The post-race rain meant it was literally a damp squib compared to the jubilation after perfect Seb's win last year.
wibbah   Mark Webber
Fair bloody dinkum, I started on pole, outqualied Seb again, and drove a bonzer race to win and go joint second in the title race.
Horner   Christian Horner
That's great Mark, that performance is bound to increase your stock in your contract negotiations with other teams. Given our 23 rival cars must be cheating, Adrian and I have discussed how we might regain our dominance and we feel that we may be diluting our very limited resources. Therefore, we have agreed it might be best if we run just one car for the upcoming races to maximise perfect Seb's championship chances.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
I showed you young twats a thing or two about a Monaco qualifying lap didn't I. Good times for the old farts, Williams winning after 8 years, me on pole after 6 years. By the way McDonalds, how did you get out of that "lifetime Monaco ban" for clobbering a marshall under yellow back in 2005?
Pastor   Pastor Maldonado
My great friend and mentor, El Presidente Chavez will always protect me against the authorities. All hail El Presidente! Viva El Presidente!
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Indeed, who's going to argue with him? Anyway, you finally convinced me of your potential when you Barrichello'd that Sauber on Saturday. It was fortunate for you though that Perez' left front didn't fail on the way down to the chicane.
Perez   Sergio Perez
Huh... chicane?... chicane bad... Pastor bad... chicane bad... Pastor bad...
PSauber   Peter Sauber
Esses! Esses! Esses! Esses! Esses! The doctors will work on this new Pastor problem soon Sergio. If you keep mentioning chicanes I'm going to start charging you for Sergio's medication Michael.
Kobayashi   Kamui Kobayashi
Be calm Perezsan, Censei Sauber is most wise and powerful. This Presidente that Maldonaldo speaks of may be able to buy the favour of those who are weak, but he cannot fight the fire in our hearts. Those who attack my brother attack me, the spirits will guide my hand to vengeance.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
A sincere thanks to all you brightsparks who copied me by running a one-off helmet design for Monaco. I see you had a James Hunt helmet Raikkonen. I suppose you are indeed the embodiment of the charming, rebellious, devil-may-care racing driver, a throwback to the carefree, living-on-a-knife-edge, joie-de-vivre that Hunt embodied.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Jesus Raikkonen, natter, natter, natter, cut to the chase. James Hunt would be proud of you though, with charisma like yours I'm surprised Ron Howard didn't snap you up for that film he's making.
ej   Eddie Jordan
Happy days! Apollo 13! Houston we have a problem! I must say it is fantastic that Ron Howard is making this movie about two iconic figures in our sport, and showing that Formula One is about the human side of things and the intense emotions we experience, as well as the sporting side. Believe me when I tell you that the most challenging part of Monaco in the Jordan days was getting pit-passes for my friends.To finish my point, I think it is ludicrous that these Hollywood directors can come along and cheapen our sport by making these tacky movies, especially when there is no place for emotion in driving the car or in the business aspects of the shark-pit of F1.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
By the way Jordan, I heard Sly Stallone is going to follow up on that classic Indycar movie of his by making a film about you. Apparently he's going to call it "Drivel".

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